Costs from R M Norman Builders in Surrey

Building Builders Contractors Surrey

When you employ a building contractor, it is always adviseable to look at the quality of their workmanship and make sure that you will get true value for your money. RM Norman is proud to display our previous building work and projects.

We do not want to always be the cheapest - nor do we wish to always be the most expensive. It's approach is to logically discuss project plans and create realistic inclusive costs, based on reality, without the need to add on 'extras'.

Building Builders Contractors SurreyThere are a large number of variable cost impacts that need to be considered and calculated. When final plans are completed exact pricing will be detailed, discussed and agreed, project plans produced.  

Typical additional works carried out

  • Electrical installations, lighting designs if required – Part P registered
  • Corgi - Heating and ventilation
  • Internal joinery provided by our own word working shop
  • Fensa - Windows and doors
  • Ground works, soft and hard landscaping

Building Builders Contractors Surrey

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